Saturday, September 7, 2013

Reveal The Memorable History Of Pin-Ups

The first thing that often occurs in people’s mind when they hear the word “pin up girls” is “image of sexy women”. Only few of them are well aware by the history of pin up.
Want to explore the history of pin-ups!
You might be surprised about it when you learn about pin up history. Pin up originated nearer to the 1890’s and from 20th century, Pin up started to take clutch of the glare of publicity. It is the result of repressing of women’s freedom of appearances.
Theda Bara. Dorothy Lamour. Betty Grable. Jean Harlow. Vivien Leigh. Greta Garbo. Elizabeth Taylor. Jayne Mansfield, magnificent Marilyn Monroe and many others, all were from the different eras, from 1910 until the 1960's. They were very gorgeous, appealing or we can say that complete symbolism of “ultimate women”. These Pin Up girls were posters which symbolized every men’s dream of the perfect woman. Pin ups girls became famous everywhere and graced the lockers of high school guy, calendars and even in the Bunk rooms of American soldiers during World War II. The main motive of the Pin up during World War II was to keep soldier's ‘morale’ up and to divert them from the risk of death. With the time, they were becoming more & more popular around the world. During this time, every Hollywood female actress had ambition of becoming a popular pin-up art subject; this was part of their formula to successful movie careers.  In this era of internet, you can discover classic pin-ups on the internet which are the evoke memories of days long gone.
Pin-Up has created a remarkable symbol in the history that furthers a world-shattering change which all women are now enjoying. With such an amazing change, now we are privileged to dress in dresses we are most comfortable with. Pin Up is now become the bold feminist act of reducing the norm of women’s boundaries in a patriarchal world.

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